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Is storytelling important for your website?

This question came up on a Facebook group I follow. Is storytelling important and why does it need to be on the front page of a website?

I needed to think about this. Everything you put on your website is a way of storytelling. As I wrote in the Facebook group: It all depends on what company you have, what kind of story you want to tell and how you want to tell your story.

A company like Apple, for instance, doesn’t have their company story on the front page. Try it, is going directly to their newest product the iPhone 8 and scrolling down it’s all products. Their company story is there you just need to go there by clicking.

But this is Apple. Their story as a company is well known and the feeling people have with Apple is strong. Look at all the fanboys/girls they have. Storytelling, as a company, is important for them, just not on the front page. On the front page, they tell a story about their products. You ask “What story? I only see a picture”. These are the strongest stories. Photographs, drawings, paintings or even pictograms. If these are done correctly you have the whole story in just one image.

The opposite from Apple, a product selling company, is a law firm, consultancy agency or financial services institute. They are selling themselves and their services. This means feelings, like trust, being liked, empathy or talking about experience, show and tell. For them, storytelling can be a great way to give website visitors the feeling they can trust or identify themselves with this company.

Look at the website of Price Waterhouse and Cooper, PWC. The first you see is “PwC’s Global Annual Review 2017” a show and tell to get the trust of their customer’s and potential new customer’s.

Storytelling doesn’t have to be about the company or product, it can be about a person working in the company or connected to the company. This makes the story personal. People are more likely to identify themselves with that person. Because that person works for company x they want to buy from company x. Examples? Just look at all the athletes sponsored by companies like Nike or Adidas. What about computer games like FIFA18, featuring known football players?

And it doesn’t stop there. Think about how you want to tell your story. Does a vibrant fast pace youtube video suit your company? Or is a nice picture or drawing better? Maybe a piece of text is enough. To be honest this doesn’t have my preference, at least not on the first page people see. A picture or drawing says 10 times more. And people looking for more information, an about story or blog, will search for it.

A great example of a website telling a story is Hogwarts. A stunning looking website to promote the whole Harry Potter brand in a way that stands out. But then again, the Harry Potter story is ideal for this with all its magic and mythical figures.

Coming back to the original question. Is storytelling important and does it need to go on the front page? As I wrote in the Facebook group: These things aren’t black or white. It all depends on the company, product or services you want to sell and most importantly, what does your customer want? In the end, they are the one the website is for. Storytelling is important, no doubt about that. Afterall, everything you put on your website is a story.

You may ask: Why is this on the Inconnect website? Well, connecting people is what we do. Storytelling isn’t for everybody. If it is a picture, drawing, video or text you need to tell a story and you don’t have the skill yourself. Let Inconnect look for the right storyteller. Remember, a story isn’t told the same in every country. The cultural aspect of storytelling is important. So need a good storyteller? We will find it for you in the country you are targeting.

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