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Import or exporting is a great way to grow your business. The downside is. who do you know and who can you trust? We all had that gut feeling there is something wrong. Nine out of ten your gut feeling is right and you wish you had looked into it more before you made your decisions.

Inconnect can help by investigating the feelings you have towards new or existing business partners or clients. With more than 20 years of experience in international investigations, Inconnect is able to take your gut feelings and turn them into facts. These facts you can use to make the right decisions.

Inconnect first priority is you, our customer. We work discreetly and always tell you what we do. At the end, you are the one deciding what we need to find out.

Working together with your legal team or lawyer is one of the possibilities. This way we can help you with your legal battles and probably save you a lot of money. Maybe we can find you that missing piece of information to win your court case.

The result of the investigations will be presented to you in a report. This report can be, depending on the investigation, backed by photo or video material, legal documents or other proof. Inconnect conclusions will always have some sort of proof. This way you can see for yourself how we came to a conclusion.

Inconnect is based in Finland but is able to work where ever you need us.

We Will Be Discreet