Cyber security is HOT

Programming code

But there is still a human behind computer crimes


If you google “hacked companies” you will get a huge list with all kinds of news about companies being hacked and advertising from companies offering cyber security. And that’s good.

Nowadays a lot of our information is accessible online. And when it is online it is subject to crime. Our information is worth money and money attract criminals. Sounds simple and it is.

Cyber crime doesn’t start with a computer or laptop. It starts with a person.

A person who has the idea he can get rich by stealing information or extort money out of people. Doing it online makes it safer and easier for them. No need to go outside in the middle of the night wearing a balaclava. A computer or laptop is enough to commit crimes somewhere in the world.

And who is this person sitting behind his computer? To be honest it can be anybody. From a 16 year old computer nerd to a foreign government phishing for information on other countries. But also the person downloading the latest movie or game. A general statement is hard to make about who is responsible for these crimes.

What we can say is that cyber crime is costing businesses around the world a lot of money. 450 billion for 2016 according to an insurance company in America. And this is an estimation. The real cost could be even higher because not everybody reports these crimes.

But back to the people. Some of these cyber criminals get caught and sometimes there is a way of getting the money back they stole. Most of these criminals don’t get caught because there is no proof or there is no time to catch them. These criminals can spend their money and you will be left with the damage.

This is where Inconnect is able to help. Together with you or a cyber security specialist, we can see if we can obtain the identity of the criminal so you have a chance to get some of your money back.

And don’t get me wrong. This process is hard. But if your cyber security specialist is able to find pieces of evidence leading to an identity Inconnect might be able to find the person. And with this evidence and an estimation of properties, you might get some of your money back.

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