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Business is done based on information made by people

Let our experience help you

Inconnect is a small but efficient and flexible company. We connect people or businesses, gather information, negotiate terms, grow your network and, if necessary, investigate your business partner abroad.

Inconnect is owned by me, Richard van der Sluis. I am living in Finland now for 4 years but I am originally Dutch. In these 4  years, I had all kind of jobs. Only in the last two jobs, I could use my skills and experience to find information and connect the companies I worked for to other business or clients abroad.

Talking with all kind of companies I noticed there are more businesses in Finland with great products or services who would like to go abroad.  The common question is how? Who do we need abroad, who do we need to talk to and how do we get our connections abroad. And this is where Inconnect can help.

For over 20 years I have been working in the Dutch law enforcement. For the last 15 years, working as a detective and senior detective. This work, in small and large scale investigations, gave me the training and experience in:

  • Investigations

  • Finding people and information

  • Communications (Interview, negotiations and interrogations)

  • Working Internationally

Let Inconnect Help

Together we can make your business grow abroad based on information and the right contacts

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